So you’re older and also may have a serious health challenge or two. Can you still do Insanity? That’s what I wanted to know when I first checked this out… so I went ahead and did it! Now I can’t answer for you. All I can offer is a bit of inspiration and a whole bunch of support if you decide to take the challenge. Ask me anything – I’ll give you an honest answer based on my experience. Hi, I’m Russ Hamel from Toronto. I was 57 years old when I did this back in April-June, 2011. I [More] Everything you NEED to know about the Insanity workout program including reviews, videos, and tips If you subscribe to my videos I highly suggest you subscribe to these Insane Guys also doing Shaun T Insanity. Charles Leslie aka BetterLife90: Derek Lundy aka Kippokeirg : So I am swimming now as I build up my strength and endurance at the same time I do the Shaun T Insanity Program. So far this stuff is crazy and I am loving it! Now that my diet has started to show improvement (as in I am getting enough calories and nutrition) [More]
Insanity workout at home with Villet.
As my form begins to improve, the exercises become more and more difficult. I can notice how much more flexible im getting with the workouts. Even my cat is trying to get in on the action!
Girl Get Yo Life Weight Loss project is in full effect! Here is the first three days of my lifestyle change. I must say that keeping track and recording my meals has SERIOUSLY helped with keeping me accountable and helping me make better decisions. I didn’t get any feedback from my intro video, but that’s ok! I’m going to keep on pushing and hopefully along the way the support will come rolling in. Just watch me reach my goals and subscribe! ~Welcome to my new “series” Girl Get Yo Life Weight Loss Project! I’m so excited, and truth be told [More]
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