Después de intentarlo con otras rutinas de ejercicios, finalmente José Javier logró tener el cuerpo que tanto quiso gracias a Tony Horton y P90X.
P90X results(classic) I was 16 when i started and am now 17 Went from 111-120 pounds Only used a 20 pound dumbbell Hillary Kelly Fitness A Stay At Home Mom’s journey, losing over 70lbs and over 60 inches working out at home, after 2 kids and 2 c-section, tired of feeling Fat, overweight, Gross, and old at 35 years old! I found Turbo Jam from Beachbody and after my second son, ChaLean Extreme, both from Beachbody and featured trainer Chalene Johnson. Home workouts that made me actually want to workout! I am now paying it forward everyday and helping others. they make amazing home workouts like P90X, insanity, Brazil Butt lift, Rev Abs, with Brett Hobel who is now one of [More]
This is me doing ab ripper x by p90x. I have been doing it for several months now. In the beginning, it was very difficult and I could not complete half the exercises. Now it’s much easier but it’s still a challenge to do everything at the advanced level. I still have so much more to go, as you can see by my flabby belly. Please join me to get into better shape. It may be very difficult to get the perfect body, but it is definitely possible to get a slightly better body than your current one. Trust me, [More]
This is my P90x Transformation Time Lapse Video, Hope You Enjoy. Its been a great ride, U Already No. Cant Stop Wont Stop… Live Life To The X…
******* Newest 270 Day Video: ***** P90X for 90 days and P90X+ for 90 days. I recommend both of these programs for anyone who wants to change their life. I look and feel completely different. Sorry for the sucky audio…I had “In the Ayer” on there and they made me take that off so I’m stuck with their crap on AudioSwap!
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