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What Equipment Is Needed for P90X —) http://muscle-confusion-workouts.com/P90X-Equipment-Needed P90X Equipment: P90X Workout Equipment List Below is the minimum P90X workout equipment that you will need: ** Of course … P90X DVD’s (“P90X Training System”)- Comes with the 12 workout P90X DVD’s, a nutrition plan, and a fitness guide. 1. P90X Pull-Up Bar- This is a must since 3 of the 12 P90X DVD’s use the pull up bar. 2. Resistance Bands or Dumbbells- Either of these will work, but you need at least one or the other. I’m using resistance bands since they are cheaper per pound than dumbbells or [More]
http://www.izzyfitnesstips.com/tips Lots of people always ask what you need to eat for these types of workout programs. I made a quick example of a breakfast and will make more of other types of meals.
Here it is gang! You’re in for a treat. My first week’s video…DONE! If you’ve been following along with me over at 90DayReview[dot]com you know I always BRING IT!
This is a quick helpful video for people having trouble understanding the P90X Nutrition Guide and how to determine what they should. This is my own personal method that I created that I know should help my fellow P90x’ers. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me! SUBSCRIBE!!!