How to use MyFitnessPal to Lose Weight, with P90X/P90X3, and More!

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Close If you are looking to learn how to use MyFitnessPal the right way, check out this video today. I will walk you through how to set up your different macros with Protein, Carbs, and Fat. My goal is to show you how to use MyFitnessPal to lose weight by going against the recommended settings!

You will notice I stick a lot with the P90X Fat Shredder Diet. This is a special diet that comes out of the P90X workout program that has helped a lot of members from Team Sweet Life Fitness lose weight. If you want to burn off fat, set up your macros like the P90X Fat Shredder Diet: 50% of calories from Protein. 30% of Calories from Carbs. 20% of Calories from Fat. This is how so many people have received awesome results with P90X and MyFitnessPal!

For the new P90X3 workout program, set up your macros to 30%/40%/30%. The reason for this change is due to the shorter time bursts (30 minutes per day) along with some solid research on how this 30/40/30 split works better with P90X3.

For more information on how to use MyFitnessPal appropriately in general, check out this video, or my blog at:
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Thanks for watching my video on How to Use MyFitnessPal. Remember that you can use MyFitnessPal with any diet program. You can even plug in the P90X Fat Shredder diet macros into your daily exercise routine, even if it’s not P90X (just don’t stay on a high protein diet for longer than 4-6 weeks maximum).

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