INSANITY Max 30 Results – Before and After 60 Days

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Over the last 60 days I started with a program called “INSANITY Max 30”. This is the 30 minute version of the original INSANITY workout and it’s goal is to give you the same amazing results as the original INSANITY, only in 30 minutes.

I started at 219 pounds, and at the end of my INSANITY Max 30 results ended at 191 pounds. Cardio has always been a struggle of mine, and by struggle meaning I hated doing it!

But I felt that INSANITY Max 30 was so much better than the original INSANITY. It provided a great option for building up your endurance while not just running and hopping all over the place like it was in the original INSANITY (Not sure if anyone else had this experience?).

My favorite workouts of the INSANITY Max 30 journey would definitely have to be Sweat Intervals and Max Out Sweat. Both of these burn a TON of calories and also provide an amazing sweat fest like no other workout I have ever done. And in fact, I almost wonder if Max 30 was meant to be more tough than the original INSANITY? The reason I say that is because Shaun T mentions twice during Max 30 that this is the “hardest workout he has ever done”. He is referring to Max 30’s Max Out Sweat and the Friday Fight Round 2. If these are the “hardest workouts”, is it safe to assume Max 30 is harder than INSANITY?

Regardless, I am happy with my INSANITY Max 30 results and aim to stay the course with this amazing program. I’ll be bringing you all more updates and information shortly so you can rock it out with me!

Chapters of this INSANITY Max 30 Results Video:
0:06 – Start of INSANITY Max 30 Results Video
0:45 – How I Began – Overweight from Holiday Shenanigans
1:06 – INSANITY Max 30 Results after 30 days
2:05 – INSANITY Max 30 Results Final

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See more of my INSANITY Max 30 Results and journey:

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