Insanity Workout – Day 51 – Max Interval Plyo

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Close So you’re older and also may have a serious health challenge or two. Can you still do Insanity? That’s what I wanted to know when I first checked this out… so I went ahead and did it!

Now I can’t answer for you. All I can offer is a bit of inspiration and a whole bunch of support if you decide to take the challenge. Ask me anything – I’ll give you an honest answer based on my experience.

Hi, I’m Russ Hamel from Toronto. I was 57 years old when I did this back in April-June, 2011. I mention my age right up front because most people my age wouldn’t even THINK of doing this routine! Oh yeah, I was also diagnosed with CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia) and I did this 63-Day challenge as proof to myself that I’m in full remission.

You can read the full story on my site as well as see what shape I’m in today. Check it out here:


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