P90X Results – 110lb Transformation

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Get P90X Results www.teamsuperhero.com There was a time when i was ashamed of the man looking back at me in the mirror.I had allowed my self to become everything i din’t want to be. Fat, Broke and going no where.That changed when i took my shot at living a dream… flying jet fighters for the United States Air Force.I joined the Kent State AFROTC ,DET 630. I was classified a special cadet. Which really means too fat to wear a uniform. I had to lose over 20% body fat and pass the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) by end of the semester. I actually had ordered Power90 (this was before p90x) and had it sitting on my self collecting dust. After scouring the net for a magic pill i gave up on the quick route committed to the workout and lost the weight. I was able to compete for and earn a spot at Field training (Maxwell AFB). My time with the air force may be over but it was only a catalyst to me becoming who i am. Since begining my transformation i have lost over 115lbs and saved the lives of my fiancée Angela Horton (down 85lbs). http my brother Darrick Smith (down 185lbs), youtu.be my best friend Chris Catalano (down 65lbs), youtu.be Needless to say I am very proud of what we have accomplished. I use to spend all day playing world of warcraft and watching Anime with my brother. These days we spend much of our time working out and playing out doors. I am no longer ashamed of the man in the mirror, my free time is spent encouraging others to take charge of their lives and make a

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