Girl Get Yo Life Weight Loss project is in full effect! Here is the first three days of my lifestyle change. I must say that keeping track and recording my meals has SERIOUSLY helped with keeping me accountable and helping me make better decisions. I didn’t get any feedback from my intro video, but that’s ok! I’m going to keep on pushing and hopefully along the way the support will come rolling in. Just watch me reach my goals and subscribe! ~Welcome to my new “series” Girl Get Yo Life Weight Loss Project! I’m so excited, and truth be told [More]
I am so sorry for the late uploads, i’ll get it together i promise! It’s been a bit busy around here but i’m still doing insanity so that whats really important! Love you guys!
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People all over the United States are taking the 60 Day Insanity Challenge. However, if you can’t stick to a 60 day schedule don’t worry the program is a home workout DVD program so you can basically do it at your own pace, when you want, and where ever you want. Any workout is better than no workout I say. Just push play and follow the workouts the best you can and surely your body will start naturally receiving results. Calories Burned 314 – Weight Training Workout Routine For Biceps And Back RULE OF THUMB – ENDURANCE AND DEFINITION -Take shorter breaks between sets 30 seconds to 1 minute -Do All the exercises and know that you will make more gains in repititions -12-15 Repetitions SIZE AND POWER -Take longer breaks between sets 1:30 to 2 minutes -Do Not Dot All of the exercises as you are pushing for power, choose the ones that suit your overall goal -6-8 repetitions, 10 repetitions for a suitable middle goal Set 1 – A:Standing Bicep Dumbbell Curl; B:Chinup Wrists Facing You Use [More]
P90x Modified Day 55 Plus Tips P90X No Bar P90X With Bar P90X With Shakeology FREE Beachbody Membership What is Beachbody Coaching? Contact Me Workout buddies welcome back. Today out of the shoulder chest and triceps. Out of the P90 X we’re going to be doing that Clap pushups! Boy do I have some modifications for you on that one. So as Tony would say let’s bring it! Okay Clap pushups. I was show you one Clap push up the way it should be done and then our show you how to modify yourself [More]
11:00 minute p90x warm up sscorpinok
Download Website: The Download Contains: 60 Day Workout DVDs — 15 Videos In Total. Nutrition Guide. Workout Schedule. Workout Plan. 2 Bonus DVDs. Tips & Tricks Guide. Previews For Beach Body Deluxe And Hip Hop Abs (We Will Be Uploading These To Same Channel Soon.) Download Website: