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What Equipment Is Needed for P90X —) http://muscle-confusion-workouts.com/P90X-Equipment-Needed

P90X Equipment: P90X Workout Equipment List

Below is the minimum P90X workout equipment that you will need:

** Of course … P90X DVD’s (“P90X Training System”)- Comes with the 12 workout P90X DVD’s, a nutrition plan, and a fitness guide.

1. P90X Pull-Up Bar- This is a must since 3 of the 12 P90X DVD’s use the pull up bar.

2. Resistance Bands or Dumbbells- Either of these will work, but you need at least one or the other. I’m using resistance bands since they are cheaper per pound than dumbbells or adjustable dumbbells. They also will help you build strength for doing pull-ups when you first get started.

In addition to the above, I’ll also be using the following optional P90X fitness gear: What Equipment Is Needed for P90X

3. P90X Recovery Drink- This helps your muscles repair and rebuild after a workout. You should drink this within an hour of working out.

4. Whey Protein- You’ve got to have enough protein in your diet to build muscle and shred fat. It’s a great snack option to have when you need something quick and easy.

5. Yoga Mat- This makes the P90X abs exercises and the P90X yoga much more enjoyable (a hard wood floor or carpet rubbing against your skin doesn’t feel all that great).

6. Yoga Blocks (2)- I’m definitely a beginner at yoga, so these have really helped out. These help stabilize you and deepen your posture during difficult poses.

7. Heart Rate Monitor- This makes it really easy to see if you are in the zone, and to see how your fitness level is improving.

8. Push: Up Bars- This helps alleviate stress on the wrist joints when doing pushups.
Where should you buy all of your P90X equipment?

What Equipment Is Needed for P90X —) http://muscle-confusion-workouts.com/P90X-Equipment-Needed

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